Hancock Park

Hancock Park

Classic. Historical. Beautiful.

The Hancock Park - Wilshire neighborhood is one of Los Angeles' oldest neighborhoods. It retains much of the same architecture and charm of the original structures that were first built back in the 1920's. The home owners association provides a community service by ensuring its residents keep the estates well groomed with broad lawns, mature trees, and upkeep the aesthetics of the homes.

These characteristics, along with the area’s abundance of classic Los Angeles architecture, have made it one of the most desirable areas in all of Southern California ever since its development. The historical significance of the neighborhood and the homes have created one of the largest and proportionately intact communities in the nation.

Whether it is grand estates, wide quiet streets, or meticulous design and construction, the Hancock Park - Wilshire neighborhood is a superb part of Los Angeles to call home. Its location to the downtown area provides its residents with unsurpassed convenience and luxury lifestyle.


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